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Group Session

Training with other players at similar ability/ages is the most common type of training our players choose. We at T5 Football believe in bringing out a competitive mindset in our players, pushing them to be at their best every session.

Whether it’s training with a friend or complete strangers, group sessions are a great way to learn off others and work on your strengths and weaknesses. There is a heavy focus on gameplay, decision making and technique during group sessions.


Session pricing

45 Minutes Pricing Options

2 - 4 Players: $45pp
( Booking for 2 - 4 players)


4 - 6 Players: $40pp
( Booking for 4 - 6 players)


Why choose a Group Session?

  • Larger range of drills and focus points

  • Learn from other players

  • Creates a winning mentality, through the competition between players

  • Technical focus

  • Increased game play (2v2’s, 3v3’s) - Improve decision making, awareness, technique under pressure.

The focus on learning off other players is essential, group sessions are a great way for players to grow there social awareness and learn from other players in a more game realistic enviornment, through a range of isolated drills and exercises that encourage players to apply there knowledge to games and work in teams coherently.


Position Specific Training

  • Goalkeeper Training (Distribution, Handling, Positioning, Movement, Reflexes)

  • Fullback training / 2, 5 (Crossing, positioning, decision making)

  • Centre-back training / 3, 4 (Distribution, Passing variations, Positioning in BP/BPO, 1V1)

  • Midfielders / 6,8 (Distribution, Passing variations, Technique, Spatial awareness and Positioning)

  • Strikers/Wingers / 7, 9, 10, 11 (1V1, Shooting, Combination Play in the final 3rd and Movement off the ball)

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