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Preschool Program

Introduction to Football -  Preschool Program

In our T5 Mini’s program, we prioritise the joy of play. Our experienced coaches utilise age-appropriate activities and games to introduce basic soccer concepts, from dribbling, passing control and coordination. We offer a supportive atmosphere that encourages young players to explore their abilities, build confidence, and develop a love for the sport. We tailor our sessions to the space and environment and have very flexible scheduling!


Our coaches have over 10 years experience in the industry and we would love for our program to be rolled out across the pre school!


Our program runs for 10 weeks focusing on a range of simple coordination exercises that are fun and excite the kids!


Program Details 

Duration: 30 minute lesson


Cost: $11 pp


Length: 10 weeks


Includes a certificate of T5 Mini’s Program completion!

T5 Mini's (External to Preschool)

Aimed at introducing young kids to the sport, creating a fun environment where they can focus on a range of skills/fun games.

- Introduction to coordination with ball

- Basic skill and motor control development

- Cognitive development and problem solving

- Fun and social environment!

Program Details:

10 weeks

9:30 am Friday @Lionel Watts Oval

30 minute session

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